Dave East – The Hated (Skit) (Paranoia Album)

[Skit: Dave East, Friend, Hater #1, Hater #2]
Yo what up, what’s cracking with you two niggas?
I heard y’all niggas ain’t get no ass last night?
Fuck outta here, my nigga
I got all the hoes nigga
My DM is crazy, nigga
Fuck is you talking about?
Bet you was DM’ing last night
Heard you my nigga what the screen name then?
Fuck outta here
Heard you nigga
Who this pullin’ up?
It look like the East nigga, hold up
Watch this nigga, hold up
Yo what’s up, my niggas?
Dave East, sup, nigga
This nigga in Harlem right here
What’s cracking, boy
What’s cracking, boy
Sup, nigga, what’s up
Court side, first game
I ain’t gon’ front, my nigga
This shit crazy right now for a nigga
Lil baby girl out there too, she’s beautiful
What you doing for moms and pops, bro
Niggas ain’t doin’ that
What you doin’ for moms and pops, bro, deadass, boy
I got to put on
It’s Harlem, baby
One of the last real niggas left
Nowhere in the world
This nigga got 10 chains on, boy
That shit crazy
Let niggas hold something
You out here, 10 chains on and shit
Oh these are some light shit I just got
I just picked this shit up this morning
That boy bus man
You can’t share with the hood, baby, what’s up?
I just picked this shit up this morning, man
Smoking that Cali shit where the moon rocks
I ain’t gon’ front, I didn’t even bring none of that shit back with me
Y’all good tho?
Everybody straight?
I’m ’bout to spin, I got some shit to do later
Love you, boy
My new shit ’bout to come out
Love you, boy
My new shit ’bout to drop
I got the "Paranoia" song, I already got that
Y’all niggas be cool
Y’all niggas be cool
Yo where Nas at?
Where Nas at tho?
Where Nas at bro?
He’s good in Harlem
Yo tell him come through, bro
That’s love, man
I can’t believe niggas showing love like that in the streets, man
We came a long way
Love, man, it’s crazy
Can’t believe you two niggas just went crazy like that, mean
Fuck you mean, nigga
Listen, man, listen, man
Fuck the Dave East nigga, bro
I ain’t gon’ front I don’t even know if that nigga from Harlem
Niggas ain’t got love for him
He be in Queens? Like how the fuck did he even meet Nas?
On some real shit
How did he meet him?
When you see the nigga out here shining or whatever, but fuck this nigga
All that 30 shit, man, I ain’t with that shit, my nigga
This my block, nigga
Fuck that 30 shit, nigga
Man, we let the nigga come through, we let him live
That’s the most he can do
I know he better put on for the hood
I got my lil’ homie, my lil’ homie
My lil’ nigga, I got, he got bars, my nigga
So if he don’t put on for my lil’ nigga, you know what time it is
Keep it cool
He know what it is
I swear he do
I swear
Nigga don’t come through no type of crazy way
Man I seen that protect too, need that joint
Man this nigga is not like that, like facts, bro
Like this nigga is not like that
You know I keep my shit on me 24/7
Shit got me hot, bro
Fuck this nigga
I ain’t say nothing to that nigga the whole time he was over here
Y’all niggas was going crazy
Saying he ain’t like that
Man, fuck that, let’s get this nigga next time he pull up
Heard niggas, bro
Heard niggas, bro
If y’all really feel like that
Keep that same energy when you see niggas, we keep it cool, bro, that’s all it is, like
You know how that shit go
We gon’ see them
Slap fire from this nigga, for real