Chip – League Of My Own (The Intro) (League Of My Own II Album)

Yo, Jahmaal, wagwan? What’s going on? Dad
I’m just here right now to give you some positive inspiration, okay?
So, I’m prayin’ on a level for you and your team
Ermm, to push forward, you know?
There’s all kind of negativity goin’ on in the world right now
So let me give you some positive vibration on a spiritual level
Just put on your spiritual armour
Uh, there’s a passage in The Bible that I like
Because it talks about spiritual wickedness in high places
But when you got on the full armour of God
Nobody can do anything to you
So just keep goin’ and pray
Because who God bless, no man can curse
You’re in a league of your own, son

Yeah (Dready)
League of My Own II

Yeah, hop on tracks and just spin them
Smash awards or just win them
The Lord put the powers in them
Go on then, trust your gut, do your ting then
I’m on family and business
Fuckboy, you ain’t fam, mind your business
This one’s out to those who lost interest
Payback ain’t enough, I want interest
So bun A.M. or P.M., it’s CM
Where them devils gone? I can’t see ’em
I’m one hell of a spiritual bein’
With my eyes closed, see you preein’
You see a track, to me that’s MCin’
But MOBO just got a key in
I been bookin’ flights, need to book a VO
Cuh I miss my brudda, need to see him
It’s some baby boy cradle, dawg
Cash Motto, we stable, dawg
I got a buff ting lickin’ my balls
I ain’t lickin’ no label’s arse
I’m in west with Hollow and Clark
I’m on a success journey, dawg
Lines crossed when you go too far
Try and holla back, it’s a par
Cookin’ that hocus pocus again
Went off track, gotta focus again
Ounce just landed, I’m rollin’ again
Dropped that chick, now I’m zonin’ again
Twelve years man been studyin’ me
Nah, just-come youts not studyin’ them
School of grime, you wasn’t there
Me, I’m class, study again, mm
Lightin’ up this jetpack
Other side of bare setbacks
Talk on the level that my intellect’s at
Dumb youts comin’ at me, I expect that
Might not tek that errupt ting if I let that
Kick my finger, you’ll get that burst (boom)
Sticks and stones will bruk up bones
When my words fly, they hurt
‘Nough of these youts just talk loads about roadman
You bred award shows (dead)
Fuckin’ wit’ dem man, you fuckin’ wit’ dem man?
You fuckin’ wit’ dem man? You all hoes (‘llow it)
Wait, demanem don’t like me
All of a sudden, they all bros?
Fuck it, man, that’s how the game goes (‘llow it)
I knew his circle, he changed, woes
Evil climate, dawg (mad)
I sit with my Buddha heads, light a candle
Then write some violent bars
Grind it, bill it, and spark
I may take time on the album same way
Make a bomb and drop it on the same day
If any fuckin’ spitter thinks I’m playin’ games
You could check my history, I ain’t sayin’ names (brrah)
Smoke weed till my eye, dem bleed (red)
Can’t bury me, I’m a seed (never)
And I’m blossomin’, how ya mean? (Ya vexed, ya vexed)
When you see the paw lookin’ clean (gang)
And I threw out four, that’s a team (squad)
It’s Cash Motto, how ya mean? (Soft)
Ten years since League of My Own
Core fans still feelin’ the flow
Are you feelin’ me though? (Huh?)
Yes or no? Still doin’ me, wah blow (trust)
Planet of the Apes in my hood so I move like a monkey
I know when to hold on and when to let go (yeah)
When to be seen and when to be ghost
I am not on keepin’ enemies close
Cuh my dawgs, dem ’round me only (rah)
And we’re like "Bun dem man, they phoney" (rah)
Haven’t known man longer than I knew man for
So I don’t why they think they know me (why?)
When I let go, scotch bonnet only (rah)
Already proved that I’ll be in my own league (yeah)
‘Llow me, I’m back in my zone, dawg (zone)
Just tryna outdo my own bars (ayo)
Man might hear this and think that I’m chattin’ ’bout dem (rah)
But nah, I’m not chattin’ ’bout you (rah)
So how about you focus on you and stop preein’ my ting? (Rah)
Cuh I don’t wanna pop off on you (rah)
In front of your followers, boom
When I’m live in the booth, give up who’s followin’ you
Cuh the lies get borin’, true
Got shankin’ bars, right now man are borin’, true (yeah)
Stitch up the beat when I leave the booth (mad)
Kill a MC, that ain’t shit to do (nuttin’)
Cut a gyal off, you ain’t shit to me (nah)
Come of my line, I got shit to do (tsk)
Man pree my career and tek this ting for stick and move
So no more spittin’ like I ain’t got shit to lose
Them MCs with shit to prove (done)
I’m a lyrical prof (God sent)
I might diss myself in a minute
And see if I take off like my lyrical opps (why not?)
How many lyrics do you got? Who’s a lyrical boss? (Huh?)
Burn that bridge, can you mend it?
New year’s resolution: no sendin’
Fuckboys will never see my endin’
League of My Own II, album pendin’

Yeah (Dready)