Bodega Bamz – Heartbreak Hotel

Good afternoon, thank you for calling award-winning hotel
This is Eeyore, how may I assist you?
Yes, um…

I’m on my way now
They say it could take me forever, man
Heartbreak Hotel though
Yeah, haha, word, yo

[Verse 1]
So do you need eyes just to cry now?
Should there be a "good" in "goodbye" now?
Is the world big enough to hide now
From yourself? Are you brave enough to try now?
So the pain eventually has to die now
Don’t let it be a wave then subside now
The truth is, we’d rather believe in lies now
Than accept what’s the truth deep inside now
And if it’s perfect, what would be the perfect endin’?
I don’t need perfect in a perfect settin’
All I need is real and what comes with it
And if you want good, bad comes with it
I’m that nigga now, "everybody knows you"
Told you, don’t let me hold you, just let me show you
I done been down this road, so I know the outcome
Whatever out, come in, close the door to your feelings
I’m a man, don’t judge me off emotions, baby
You my baby even if I don’t call you "baby"
You want the truth? Spill it; You want a heart? Fill it
The feelings change, so you say you must depart with it
And that’s the part I hate: when they forget the good
As you should, understand what you understood
Let me get this out my system

How many rooms available in the Heartbreak Hotel?
Ok, when is it? How many nights? How many people?
If I could bring more with me, I would
Ok, I have a non-smoking double, you wanna book it?

Ayo, sit back, relax, sip the Congac
Smile, think about it, laugh, don’t react, everything will pass
When you cross the finish line and the sweat dry off
Just remember that I told you so

[Verse 2]
Heartbreak Hotel, I’m here for a short stay
Money not needed by the way, by the way
It’s looking everybody got the same thing in common here
Even had Common here, J. Lo was a regular
She don’t mind it either, I’m walking past the Hollywood Hall
Seen Brad and Angelina, Martin and Gena
The Heartbreak Hotel got different sections
They keep the rappers and the singers and the actors separate
And if you not fully healed, then you can’t exit
Room service serve junk for depression
Party on my floor, I said "what up" to Tyga
Couple doors down, there go Rob and Blac Chyna
Kanye and Amber and Wiz just to name a few
Marc Anthony singing salsa, he made it too
Jumping on the couch in the lobby, it’s Tom Cruise
Mariah Carey looking scary
Nick Cannon wild’n out on con cierres
Heartbreak Hotel, you don’t bring luggage
You come here with worries and you leave here with nothin’
Enjoy your stay

What’s up, playboy?
You know I just got here, you know the reason I’m in here, man
She did?! Ah, man
Ayo, this my first time in here though, yo, like
I knew the Heartbreak Hotel existed, but damn!
I ain’t know so many motherfuckers was in here, B
Like, yo bro, I’m tryin’ to heal, man
And I order room service and they give me all this unhealthy shit, chocolates and all that
And there ain’t no drinks in the mini bar, man
This shit is like a rehab, bro
And, yo, I just seen Selena Gomez by the pool, bro
And I couldn’t even bag because they was saying it’s against policy, word
Niggas, yo, niggas deadass told me that Drake got the whole floor to himself, boy
Like he a reg – haha, the whole floor, boy, yeah
Nah, nah, I’m glad this hotel
I’m glad the Heartbreak Hotel free every night though, B
You pay with your pain, yo, you heard?
Nah but there ain’t no address so I can’t even give it to you bro
You gotta find it, bro, you just gotta find it
But yo, I’ma get right, man
Nah, nah, I’m not gon’ be that long
Short stay, man, short stay
I’ma see you soon, boy, one hunnid