Voodoo Dancer – A Tired Man (Tribute To Nelson Mandela lyrics

Hey Mandela
Did they raise you up above on a mountain higher then your ego
And hey Mandela
Did you raise the hope in me so high in need lord I hope you make it home

Come on down cape town
And you will see the light of day in a home of a tired man
Where there’s anger in the people that I feel inside of me
So high in need I hope you see the light

And when the rain comes
You know that I’ll be there
And when clouds darken the sky

And when the rain comes
Someone hide some where
Because I am waiting for a friend

Hey Mandela
Your spirits breath so strong shine freedom grow for the young ones
And hey Mandela
Bring truth to our land

Ooh look at the blue sky
Ooh look at the falling