Sean Leon – Salt Lake City (I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or The Sins Of The Father) Album)

[Verse 1]
In Salt Lake City and we up right now
It’s just us right now
I ain’t give a fuck all my life, why would I give a fuck right now, yeah
I put all my feelings, my fears, my ideas in a blunt right now, yeah
Fuck her then leave her, then text her I need her, I’m stuck right now, yeah
OG so funky, got groove in the trunk right now
OG so funky, the car like a skunk right now
Bad bitch I might love forever, but I do not need the bitch
If this thing don’t last us forever, if this just an evening thing
Yeah, it was still real, still real

In Salt Lake City and we up right now, a-ha-ha
Salt Lake City and we up right now

[Verse 2]
Yeah, wake up feeling different, hmm
She done caught a bunch of feelings, but I don’t see that shit
They been telling you lies, but that shit so light, I don’t read that shit
No, no
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Um, yeah
They salty as fuck out here
You luck if you buck or you duck out here
I keep it above but will never change
But sometimes I feel like I’m stuck out here
Come up on your watch when you come outside
She call out my name when I come inside
I come from where ain’t nothing made a name
I made me a lane then I made me king
You know, man, I pray for the day I forgive niggas
I want them dead, man, I ain’t forget
They ain’t take a shot that I ain’t contest
They might take a shot but that shit direct
I know how it feel, man, you feel like you feel, man
I felt how you feel
Felt like a breakup sometimes, when you wake up, it’s hard to just get up sometimes
I mourn every morning
Look at my daughter
And sit with my daughter
Hailey Nirvana
Write all my wrongs and my rights when I write
I write so my karma don’t harm ya, yeah
Daddy got dough on the way, girl, I’m going away
Can’t help but hate how you pay for the sins of your father
Tattoo your name in my vein so you know it’s official
Pull out your sock from my pocket whenever I miss you
Daddy got dough on the way, girl, I’m going away