Freaky – Juicy J feat. Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Juicy J – Freaky

Do them freaky thangs
Down south girls love to do them freaky thangs
(Down on the floor)(x4)

b*tch, you know I like that freaky s**t
I love a freaky b*tch (get naked)
Just get nasty for a nigga
b*tch, I’m filthy rich
Don’t stop, pop that pus*y
Make that money, baby (get money)
f*ck that conversation
Make them niggas compensate ya’
I’m in Magic City
I’m grabbin’ a*s and t*tties (always)
I’m leaving King Of Diamonds
All them b*tches leaving with me
Can’t f*ck in Tennessee
Bet them b*tches remember me
I smoke a mild and make them
Pop up in and drink Hennessy
Hennything is possible
I got a lot to blow
White girls own a lot of blow
That’s a lot of snow (cocaine)
b*tches love to bust it open
That’s just what you gotta know
You ain’t tryna pop it, hoe
b*tch, you know you gotta go
Cause down south girls love to.

Do them freaky thangs
Down south girls love to do them freaky thangs
(Down on the floor)(x4)

From the south, she got weed for sale
Fix your weave and nails
Out the house, she got lean for sale
Pink codeine and syrup
In the drought, come f*ck free, for real
But for me it’s still, on the house
I get it cheap for real, without a re, you tell (run your mouth)
Hop in my vehicle, I put the d in tail
Burning out, I push the V6-12, I put the V in 12
200 miles, cuz’ if I see the twelve
My speed won’t leave a trail
Don’t turn around
Cuz if I, if I, if I see the jail then I won’t see you girl
If I, if I meet your friend
Then I won’t need you girl
If you, if you, if you give me threesome s**t
Then I won’t leave you girl, you gotta go
If you shy to ride a stripper pole
There it go, real niggas know
Real girls get down on the floor, on the floor.

Do them freaky thangs
Down south girls love to do them freaky thangs
(Down on the floor) (x2)

Aye, aye
I was .. on that margarette
You thought that she was hard to get
When she wanted something, yeah, I bought her it
Ruby beat the pus*y with a bat, yeah, he slaughter it
Cuttin’ up like back in f*cking class, but I’m smarter, b*tch
Curve a f*cking hoe cuz’ she a duck and I don’t want no part of it
It’s still f*ck a hoe, she think my d*ck some sort of parlour trick
It’s still run a whore over with the foreign drip
Ask her how the tires f*ckin’ taste, yeah, that’s the start, lil b*tch
Ruby got the big body Benz, ain’t no parking it
She wants the kids inside her pus*y, but there ain’t no parking it, ahhh.

Slob on my knob, lil b*tch, do your job
Suck it with the skin, where you f*ck the whole tit
Rob you out your pockets, whistle up the code
All my partners dipped in gold, hit my little bottom b*tch
Lesbo in the closet, still bouncing like hydraulics
Six-four knocking, all these h**s like Death Row ’94
Black, Asian, Persian, even white girls
Skin a savage, pimp with a mink coat, walking with a limp
Cut-throat, rocket play dead, Uncle Juicemane
Still f*ck a hoe, and that’s going to the grave
That’s going to the graveee.
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