Tay-K – Coolin

Aye dilip fuck em up man
Da-danny wolf

Bitch I get the work and I make it do a backflip
Fuckin’ with lil’ Tay-K, nigga do you want a casket
Tay-K ate the beat now the DJ wanna backspin
Niggas pull up on me, make ’em bounce like a mattress
Fuck her, pull up on me, it’s gon’ get real tragic
Need to get up, like a fuckin’ Y axis
While a nigga down, like a nail on some facts
Sippin’ on drop, I cannot sip molasses
Punch a nigga now he Velma, where my glasses
Used to hate school, I was late to the classes
Hit from the blunt, she say Tay-k take it pass it
Make a nigga have a meltdown, if he plastic
Nigga you on some stupid shit
Pull up on yo block with broken clips
Killa made me have to do this shit
That life of yours you will lose that shit
She says I’m a lunatic
Chopper with the cooling kit
Have the chopper, I’m a fool with it
Have the glocka, nigga, and you get hit

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