Maxo Kream – Mars (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Pull out my car it go skrt
Flex on that b***h I’m like swerve
Flex on that b***h till it hurt
Flex on that b***h till it hurt
Yeah I think I’m more than her
I just might stop with the bars
I did them Xannies on earth, I woke up right there on Mars.

Mixing the lean with the perc
Sipping on it till I burp
Venus, Serena I serve
Finger f**k Nina, a perv
I went to Mars on bars
I been to Hell and back
Super charge my dodge
No hemi, I held my cash
Xannies and lean, I’m dozing off
6 double g’s it got me lost
Mixing codeine with alcohol
Poppin the beans with adderall
Choppin a brick like martial art
Flippin the b***h like somersaults
Xannies I pop like tylenol
Cookin’ a pot like stroganoff
She gave me neck when I met her
She gave the crew neck like a sweater
You wear that neck like a sweater
If you knew better do better
I gave her a bar
She hopped in my car
I swerve in a coupe
She blow me like soup.

I do the perkys on purpose
I got the xannies for purchase
Percocet I’m feeling I’m perfect
Wrapper came packed like a turban
I handle bars like a mongoose (bikes)
Six double gs I just popped two
Sippin’ codeine from my ha-choo
Xans with the lean call it thot juice
We not congruent I’m obtuse
I be on her hypotenuse
I take the acid and mushroom
Everything look like a cartoon
I went and bust down a Plain Jane
I take the perkys like Max Payne
Look at my diamonds they gang bang
Say you were Nicki like Mack Maine
Adderall, pop it em Tylenol
Lean in my alcohol
Sipping Codeine got me dozing off
These molly pills I’mma pop em all
Coke pill like a white hoe
Molly tan like a white b***h
Swallow three h**s like tic-tacs
Breaking down the bar like a Kit Kattt.

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