Kurt Vile – Sad Ghost Lyrics

In the morning I’m not done sleeping
In the evening I guess I’m alive
That’s alright I can still peel myself up sleepwalking
In a ghost town
Think I’ll never leave my couch again
‘Cause when I’m out I’m moanin’ in my mind

Christ was born; I was there
You know me, I’m around
I got friends
Hey wait where was I?
Well I am trying

When I’m driving I found I’m dreaming
Jammin tunes and drifting
And it’s just that sometimes I want to pull over
Open up and stay in
Raindrops might fall on my head sometimes
But I don’t pay ’em any mind
Christ was here you just missed him
Now I’m out going down 2nd
To all the stores to see my friends
To find kinks, buy whores

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