EarthGang – Meditate (feat. J.I.D.)

[Verse 1: J.I.D]
Everybody, everybody (uh ok)
Everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga when it’s time to be a nigga
If you thinking it then say it when you see a nigga
Please be clear, I rhyme, I do not mind
Read or write the beat then have your girl ride the C train to me to ride the D and give me brain
And you can see the stains I place upon the sheets
Oh, you gon’ come for me?
Well my nigga, you better have it on me at least
Or more than a gun for me
I’m more than a man, not a god, but the boy is a man
We ignore all the noise from the Outland
Standout with the cannon, outstanding, south bandit
Don’t panic, please, ’cause if I get nervous we get un-sturdy and start to squeeze

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Okay, niggadom
Nigga from nigga slum
Blue tongue, red tongue
Nigga flavors, go ‘head, son, get you some
Nigga got a lot of gifts
But package store was always open
Jail house don’t ever close
And my world view was always shut
Trap spot was always bunkin’
Neighborhood was always crunk
See I was outside riskin’ snakes eyes
With my life chances, stakes high
Only outlet was the moon walk
Michael Jackson dances, so shuck and jive, nigga, bust a nine
Shoot behind the line, my only advances
USA eat me like a cancer
UK eat me like cancer
Gettin’ money and they tag the crib
Ask King James what’s the fucking answer
Still a nigga out in Calabasas
Still a nigga when I greet the masses
Oval office, presidential grasses
When I fuck my white girl and I meet her daddy
I know deep down inside, man, he hate that shit
Plotting for the perfect time to bury me
Nigga, please, show ’em the green like a caddy
Venus, Serena them daddy
But that shit don’t change my appearance
Asians like, "That’s my nigga"
Latins like, "That’s my nigga"
White folks like, "That’s my nigga"
‘Til it’s time to die, bye, bye, nigga
Now don’t get offended, I was just giving you hard time
Come to your block, give you hard line
My, did I come at the wrong time?
But see I sent comets to the Earth
Me, I was humming at your birth
I put colors on the spectrum
I let you assign them worth

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
Looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you
Looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you
I be looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you, oh
Looking for peace when I stare at you

[Verse 3: Doctur Dot]
You know I’m here for the nigga shit
Whole life been nigga rich
Since my momma let a project nigga hit
Set it up so when I meet the reaper
Let my son reap the benefits
Nigga shit on social media
Get a nigga pinched, end up in the pen
Surrender your independence till the sentence finsihed
Even with no pot you got a cup to piss in
Burning bridges with my tunnel vision
Bitches leave niggas for cunnilingus
Fuck me like her nigga non-existent
No negativity, niggativity
Why you being silly fucking with me
Giggity giggity
When I’m in the city
They like, Doc you litty
Not as lit as I’m finna be
I just wake up and do shit differently
I can never say they doubted my ability
Along the way some niggas just wasn’t feeling me
Niggas lost faith and quit on me
I just tuck ’em in the back of my memory
One monkey don’t stop no show my niggas got goals and responsibilities
So you know by any means, really mean any and everything to the team
Nothing off limits nigga, ain’t gon’ keep shit clean
Me and my niggas the niggas that they should’ve never let go free
Niggas got me talking through my teeth like I’m 50 Cent in ’03
Ain’t no Kunta Kinte, nigga Toby what they told me
What it’s gon be?

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
Looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you
Looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you
I be looking for peace in America
Looking for peace when I stare at you

[Outro: DC Young Fly]
Lift them tities up, thank you
Oh let go then, AY
Finna pick these niggas up
Aye man get the fuck out my way boy this the lyft driver
Yuh, boy I shoot your ass
Aight nigga uhhh
Smoking in the car
I ain’t got no good fucking [?] ay
Cool me up with this shit, eat this shit
He need to come on man ‘fore I cancel the trip
I do need to work though so I ain’t going to cancel it
Come on man, yall niggas come on man
Open the door
Nah I ain’t gettin out my car man I pop the trunk so you could put your shit in there nigga
What you think this is nigga
I’m just your ride, not your chauffeur
Let do it, get in the car boy
Come on man I got AC, Just got it fixed big dawg, lets do it
Uh, get in
There go

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