Jay-Z – Dream. On

I’m from where dreamin’ ain’t allowed
‘Specially when you’re dreamin’ aloud
Enough to dream your self-esteem into clouds
It takes tears, sweat, blood, 5 CCs
‘Cause I know what a kid in apartment 5C see’d
Heaven knows, all I had was hella hope
Speed datin’ with destiny, I couldn’t tell her nope
When I first saw stars, television was my telescope
For me, somethin’ that could see me free was a bar
Threw diamonds in the sky that never came down, now that’s a star
My vision was big enough to get me out of the space
I wanted to pass how far I see
I wondered, could a kid from Mars see a kid from Marcy?
For things that are seen are temperal
The most beautiful things are invisible
Roc Nation, indivisible
American dream team
Paper planes turned into the real thing
You are whatever you say you are
Turn any situation around
Who. Are. You?

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