Lil B – Mexico (Skit) (Black Ken Mixtape)

[Skit: Lil B & a fan]
Uh, dang man. You heard that they ’bout to build a wall in Mexico?
Yeah, I heard about that
Well uh, we gotta get up out there before they build that goddang wall, because there’s too many girls out there and I don’t wanna miss out
I don’t got no money. I don’t got no money to go down to no Mexico. I can’t afford it…
But uh, before we go to Mexico, you heard about, uh, San Jose?
Yeah, we can go there
Yeah, it gets real crazy out there
Let’s go!
We gotta go up out there first. And then we’ll drive down to Mexico
You with me?
I’m with it, man. Let’s go
Let’s go

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