Souleye – Ease That lyrics

Artist: Souleye Title: Ease That Hook Ease that lean back roll me up that
Weed sack / Calling out my ladies on the front and the back / Lean back
Ease that roll me up that weed sack / We we’ve them tracks that ride
Like Cadillac’s / Verse 1 I’ve been all around the world / And easy
To see that most people that I meet / Love blazing on them trees / I’ll
Find it in Fiji where no weed be / Or in Mendo where it’s in every home /
Grown out doors organic is my favorite type / But then again I like that
Indoor bud at night / Smoking sativa in the middle of the afternoon / Get
High motivate party on the move / Even my mom pack that bong / I’ve
Watched my dad smoke all day long / From the rich and the famous / To the
Poor and broke / They all love that dope / Government don’t know I know
My fourth amendment / Can’t search without a warrant / Hook Ease that
Lean back roll me up that weed sack / Calling out my ladies on the front
And the back / Lean back ease that roll me up that weed sack / Wewe’ve
Them tracks that ride like Cadillac’s / Verse 2 Only the best when I’m
Smoking the Sess /
Hawaiian mist I’m on a mystical trip / Puffing an ounce of Kush on the
Couch / Purple urkle got me seeing double now / I’m going to Canada
Man, Japan or Amsterdam / No matter where I’m at I’m going to smoke a
Gram / Four-way endo sipping on that swiss miss / With Mr. Nice here’s
The pipe now hit this / Elevate let’s create everyone together now /
Let’s celebrate / take a break though / If you don’t puff the drow / I
Know there’s those / That don’t smoke so pass it to the left / You
Know how it goes / The rotation is ground breaking /

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